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    60Hz makes it easy to follow your favorite TV shows and movies


    There are several apps in the App Store that'll help you explore and track your favorite TV shows and movies. One title that is worth an extra look is 60Hz from M2D2. The app was recently updated with a new iOS 7 look that makes it even easier to follow your favorite TV shows and movies.

    It provides an attractive front-end to TV-tracking service You don't need to sign into the service to use 60Hz, but enabling enhances your experience by providing you some extras like being able to check in to or comment while you are logging an episode in 60Hz.

    The app has a visually driven interface that allows you to add TV shows and movies to a library. This library is your watchlist, where you keep track of all TV episodes and movies you watch. You can mark off the episodes that you've seen and read upcoming episode descriptions as you work your way through a series. If it is an older show, there are even stills taken from the show. I've been using 60Hz to track Lost, and I find it very helpful to keep track of the episodes I've watched as I revisit the series 10 years after it debuted.

    There is also a wishlist, which is your repository for TV shows and movies that you want to watch in the future. Once I am done with Lost, I plan to watch Breaking Bad as I missed half of the series for one reason or another. For those who like to plan, there is a TV scheduler section that'll remind you when the next episode of a show or a movie is about to air.

    Though you can't watch actual TV episodes or full-length movies from within the app, 60Hz does include trailers. You can watch movie trailers as well as TV trailers if the show produces them.

    The app is available for the iPhone and the iPad. The iPhone version is available for US$1.99 from the iOS App Store. The iPad version is available for $3.99. You can sync your library, wishlist and other content if you use

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