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Ace Attorney GBA trilogy awaits retrial on 3DS [update: trailer!]


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The first three Ace Attorney games are reportedly coming to 3DS, with a court date in Japan set for April 17. According to Siliconera and Shinobi (via Gematsu), this week's issue of Famitsu says the Game Boy Advance trilogy - that's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations - are to be enhanced on the handheld with stereoscopic 3D.

The 3DS bundle, titled Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection, wouldn't be the games' first re-release by any stretch. Capcom already summoned the tribunal trio on DS, WiiWare, and PC, and as an HD package on iOS. We've reached out to Capcom to confirm reports, and to find out if the sweat-slicked lawyer will re-appear in a western version.

Update: When approached, a Capcom representative told Joystiq, "This title is not confirmed for release in the west at this time."

PS: That's an image of the Phoenix Wright movie, not the 3DS game... the enhancements won't be that good.

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