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Twitterrific 5.6 adds streaming, list editing plus price drop


The Iconfactory has released Twitterrific 5.6 for iPhone and iPad (universal), with great new features and a sale price of US$0.99.

One big feature is streaming. Now, users on WiFi can opt to have their stream update in real time. Version 5.6 also improves list management, letting you add and remove lists as well as add people to/remove people from an existing list. Finally, you can create new lists right within the app.

I have a list of people and businesses who are in my greater neighborhood. It's useful not only for seeing what friends and neighbors are up to, but I get updates from local business, food trucks and, on snowy days like today, the Cape Cod Red Cross.

Twitterrific has been my iOS Twitter client of choice for years. These updates and a nice sale make it more than worth picking up.

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