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Clans gang up on Killzone: Shadow Fall next month


Killzone: Shadow Fall's most-requested feature is clan support and developer Guerrilla Games plans to add the functionality next month.

Version 1.09 of Killzone: Shadow Fall will drop in early February, adding clan support to the game and the official website. Clan names will display in-game and basic clan management options will be available through the website, allowing players to create clans, add and remove clan members, and promote clan members to officer status. Subsequent free updates will expand on clan functionality based on fan feedback.

Guerrilla Games will expand upon its PS4 launch game with free multiplayer maps and has already revealed the first two locales. A $20 season pass for Killzone: Shadow Fall is also available and guarantees a total of six DLC packs, the first of which Guerrilla promises to announce soon.

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