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EverQuest Next releases new lore ebook, Prison of Fire


EverQuest Next has taken a novel approach to providing fans with lore by publishing a series of ebook novellas, each focusing on a different facet of the EQN incarnation of the world of Norrath. The latest installment in this series, titled Prison of Fire, released today, and it centers on Neria Naldiir, captain of an organization known as the Ebon Dagger.

As the name might not-so-subtly imply, the Ebon Dagger is the sort of organization that "handles delicate matters requiring the utmost discretion within the Takish Empire." In the novella, Dalen Naldiir -- the Empire's Minister of Security and Neria's father -- receives news that trouble may be brewing at Tagnik Vukar prison in Lavastorm, where the Empire's most dastardly criminals have been incarcerated. Sensing that something may be amiss, Dalen sends Neria and her companions to investigate, and we all know it can only go downhill from there. To read Prison of Fire -- or any of the other EQN novellas -- just click on through the link below to the game's official site.

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