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Killer Instinct's next free-to-play fighter is Thunder

Xav de Matos, @Xav

The Killer Instinct free-to-play character tour continues with Chieftain Thunder replacing the vicious furry Sabrewulf as the gratis brawler in Double Helix's Xbox One revival.

Thunder wields devastating tomahawks in the reimagining of the arcade and SNES cult hit, which features a handful of characters from the original game in the series. Since launching alongside Microsoft's Xbox One in November, the free-to-play character slot has rotated three combatants into the fray, first offering players a taste of the action with fan favorite Jago.

Killer Instinct offers players the opportunity to purchase characters individually for $5 or as a bundle featuring the game's first eight characters, beginning at $20. Currently only six fighters are available, with returning characters Spinal coming soon and Fulgore coming in March.

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