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Massively Rewind: New DCUO DLC, Aion gets mech suits, and WildStar's news frenzy


It's time once again for the Massively Rewind, where we round up this week's top MMO stories and deliver them to you in bite-sized chunks. It's kind of like a mother bird regurgitating a meal into its chick's mouth... except a lot less gross.

For those of you who prefer the written word, don't fret; we conveniently provide links to all of the stories mentioned in the show. For example, did you know DC Universe Online has a new DLC? What about the new patch for Aion coming out next week? Or perhaps you'd just like to know all things large and small happening with WildStar right now?

Massively Rewind Episode 3

If you're wondering what happened in MMOspace this week but are too busy to read every article, then point your eyeholes at Massively Rewind, the Massively video news show hosted by Richie Procopio and produced by Jef Reahard. We'll hit the rewind button every Friday morning and deliver our weekly MMO recap in video form... with occasional special guests to keep things interesting for everyone.

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