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RIFT's Dream Weaver is a homeowner's best friend


Dream Weaving is not just one of many reasons to be excited about RIFT's 2.6 update, but perhaps the most exciting reason of all. Trion Worlds has a new post up about what this crafting profession entails and how it will benefit homeowners across Telara.

Dream Weavers are primarily focused on creating items and effects for player dimensions, literally dreaming them into existence. To fuel their craft, Dream Weavers will need to collect and break down artifacts to draw out dream ribbons, the new crafting material that's coming with the patch.

Trion says that these crafters will be able to whip up visual effects, including elements, lighting, and partical effects. Dream Weavers can also create keys to brand-new dimensions and craft Dream Orb armor enhancements that stack with runes.

For more on the Dream Weaver, check out our 2.6 preview!

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