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Vita dungeon crawl Demon Gaze heads West on April 22


NIS America continues its plucky support of Sony's Vita handheld with Demon Gaze, a Japanese roleplaying game that will bring its diabolical creatures and moon-eyed heroines to the West on April 22.

In Demon Gaze, players assume the role of Oz, an amnesiac in a mysterious realm full of dungeons and monsters. Helpfully, Oz is a "demon gazer," which allows him to capture defeated demons and later use their powers. Described as a "dungeon crawl," Demon Gaze is played from a classic, first-person perspective. Players move forward one square at a time and each step has a chance to prompt an enemy attack or other event. As you can see from the collection of screenshots below, these old-school game design concepts are mated with modern 2D, anime-styled graphics.

If you're interested in pre-ordering Demon Gaze you should pay a to visit NIS America's online store. There you'll find the game in its Limited Edition form, which includes Demon Gaze, an art book, a soundtrack CD and a fancy box to store all of this swag. All of that can be yours for $50.

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