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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is gonna be the last action hero

S. Prell, @SamPrell


I've done it, readers. First, I managed to warn you all about the impending alien invasion. Then, I escaped their imprisonment. Last week, I managed to discover a time machine. Now I'm here to tell you that I'm coming back to Earth, and I'm bringing all the powers of heck with me (sorry for language). I'm gonna save us all.

You see, as I traveled through time, I became a seasoned warrior. I have lived the life of a Centurion. I have breathed the air that Spartans breathe. I have even seen our planet's future wars and, while I can't say too much, I will warn you: Oreo cookies. Okay? You hear what I'm saying? Oreo cookies. Remember that.

It's time to put an end to the Spider-Banshees of Axmosium Prime. Buckle up. Knock-knock. Welcome to Earth. Get some. I'm ... I'm not good at being the tough action movie hero, am I? Oh well. Webcomics! Vote for your favorite after the break!

Penny Arcade (Sagacity)
Three Panel Soul (On Crossing Effect)
Critical Miss (A Games Journalist, a Horse and Nikola Tesla Walk into a Bar)
Pilli-Adventure (Candyjam)
Ctrl+Alt+Del (Nemesis)
Gamercat (Blasphemy)
Life In Aggro (Power Struggle)


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