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Sunday Morning Funnies: Genius at work

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, WoW, eh? is back. Plus, there are some bonus drawings posted to Facebook: Also on the list this week is NPC with two WoW-related offerings. Plus, one of them is also about Downton Abbey, which fans will appreciate. (And, if you've never given it a go, you should consider it. Bink is!) The other is (sort of) about Sherlock, which I'm certain you can't pass up.

From Draenor With Love has done up a bonus comic, as well, showing some character color keys.

Last week, reader Rosend asked how to go about getting a comic added to this lineup. Any web comic can be submitted to us either by dropping a link into the comments section, or by contacting the team and putting "SMF" in the subject line. We are always taking suggestions and submissions.

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