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Russia's second-largest carrier resumes selling the iPhone after three-year split

Matt Brian, @m4tt

You could say Apple's had a pretty successful six months in Russia. After finally opening a localized version of its online store in June, it's also seen three of the country's biggest operators begin selling the iPhone again. Reuters reports that Megafon, Russia's second-biggest carrier, today became the final provider to resume sales of the fruity smartphones, committing to a three-year deal after almost four years on the sidelines. Last year, MTS, VimpelCom and Megafon reportedly suspended sales following a dispute over unfavorable contract terms, but a relaxation in Apple's distributor sales policy saw two of the three return to the fold by the end of 2013. While the deal isn't likely to drastically boost Apple's small share of Russia's smartphone market (at least right away), competition can only be a good thing -- especially given the high pricing on Apple's online store.

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