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The cows come home in Marvel Heroes Game Update 2.14

MJ Guthrie

Game Update 2.14 hit Marvel Heroes over the weekend and introduced a few more goodies to the superhero game, including the new tundra zone of Bovineheim where Skrull cows are plotting great evil and must be stopped. Also, the most experienced heroes will find more challenging content thanks to the new Cosmic Terminals.

On top of that, both Captain America and Hawkeye have new abilities and build options. Players can also don the new enhanced costume of Kate Bishop as Hawkeye, with all new voice-over, emotes, and animations. You can see Bishop in action in the trailer below. If you'd rather play Nightcrawler, Gazillion Entertainment announces that he should be making an appearance later this week.

[Source: Gazillion Entertainment press release]

Kate Bishop as Hawkeye Trailer

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