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The Queue: It's oh so quiet


You brought the header video on yourselves, people, with the woeful absence of questions in yesterday's queue. You should really know how this works by now, you ask questions, we answer them! No, I won't hear your excuses about how you got distracted by stags and all their majesty, or farts and all their... something. So let's get lots of good questions in for tomorrow, OK? Or I'll end up doing it again, and I'm sure nobody wants that.

@Davesignal asked:

Widespread proliferation of multi-dotting: good, bad, or neutral for gameplay?

Multi-dotting is certainly strong, and prolific, but I think we need to consider this in terms of encounter design as well. If there are several multi-target encounters, then multi-dotting is likely to become an ever more prevalent style of gameplay. More than anything, the way encounters are designed and built influences how players react, and how they perceive the strengths and weaknesses of various styles.

However, if you mean the general appearance of multi-dotting as a mechanic overall, I feel like it's pretty neutral. Particularly in Warlords, with the attempts to change the snapshotting style of tick calculation and remove haste breakpoints, DoT-based gameplay should become more fun for everyone. I think it's very hard to say that something like multi-dotting is good or bad for gameplay, it's a matter of preference. Therefore, let's go with neutral.

@Reichsbrenner asked:

Is Druid Travel Form ever going to scale speed with the learned skill level? Still have 40% Cheetah... well, stag.

Honestly, I don't think so. The problems with doing so are various. First up, the instant activation, so especially if you consider things like PvP or arenas, where an instantly-activated travel form is a considerable strength, it would be be even better if you could activate it at the full mount speed of whatever level you've learned. Bearing in mind (or should that be stag-ing in mind... sorry) that it can be used in combat, too, as well as in certain areas where normal mounts aren't allowed (bits of Throne of Thunder for example) makes it strong enough as it is. It also stacks with various other movement speed increasing gems, abilities and enchants.

So here's a question back to you -- would you swap all this for the option to have it scale? So if it was the same as a normal mount speed, but losing the instant cast, the useability in certain areas where mounts aren't useable, the stacking with other boosts, and so on. I can totally imagine a glyph that did just this.

@RLDaugherty76 asked:

Q4tQ: Do you think Blizz will presale WOD way ahead of the release date so we can raid gear the free 90's? How far ahead?

Yes, I absolutely do. Reasons why? Well the paid level 90 boost is already on the patch 5.4.7 PTR, as are the mount and pet that come with the Digital Collectors' Edition. While that's not confirmation, it does tell us that they're testing the tech for the boost and are nigh-ready to go. Oh and the mount and pet do come with the physical CE too, if you're wondering.

I can anticipate the pre-orders starting as soon as the new PvP season, and the level 90 boosts coming along with them, as per the Blizzard blog. More than anything, the boosts are a way for Blizzard to give players something to do in the gap between now and Warlords, so it makes sense to me. Whether or not that gives you time to raid gear, well, that depends how long it takes you!

@Kirion_Kir asked:

Will we ever see First Aid revamp? Can Blizzard make if a fun skill?

With the success of the profession revamps in Mists, I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see First Aid revamped for Warlords, along with several other professions. Whether it can be made fun or not is a different matter -- how do you make bandages fun without making them too strong and rendering First Aid "required"?

I can imagine them adding some kind of pet battle-related first aid, maybe, and perhaps allowing First Aid to make something similar to health pots or healthstones, that share a combat cooldown with both. But I'm just pulling ideas off the top of my head, here, what do you think?

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