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Borderlands 2 adding colorblind mode


Color plays a big part in the vivid world of Borderlands 2, particularly in its loot system, so it makes sense Gearbox is adding a colorblind mode to its shooter. In an extensive post that goes into what colorblindness is and what can be done to help players who suffer with it, programmer Jeff Broome said the mode is coming to all platforms, with more info on its release "in the near future."

Like many loot-heavy games, Borderlands 2 uses colors to distinguish the rarity of the items spread across its wasteland. That color shines out from loot in a beam, and it features on their descriptions in the title. For colorblind players, distinguishing those different colors from one another is problematic, so Gearbox is modifying them to make them more identifiable, as well as denoting the color in text on the descriptions.

It's a shame it wasn't there when the game shipped - it it had, Gearbox would've been able to apply i to just one side of a split-screen, rather than the whole screen. Still, it's good it is being added, and that Gearbox has gone to the lengths of letting players specify different types of colorblindness; when toggling the mode, players can select Deuteranopia, Prtoanopia, or Tritanopia.

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