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Massively Speaking Episode 282: Crafting and economy roundtable


This week we're changing up the normal format of our podcast by hosting a roundtable on MMO economies and crafting systems! We've got several of our experts on these topics to talk about games past, present, and future. What makes an economy great? What should crafting be able to do? Stay tuned after the discussion for a few important news bulletins as well!

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Read below the cut for the full show notes.

Show Notes For Massively Speaking Episode 282


  • Introduction to the crafting and economy roundtable
  • Topic #1: What MMOs have your favorite crafting systems and economy and why?
  • Topic #2: What makes for a good crafting system? What would you like to see done that hasn't been?
  • Topic #3: What makes for a good economy? How have you seen economies botched and economies supported?
  • Topic #4: Should crafters get to make exclusive items? What about gear that rivals top-tier PvE/PvP armor and weapons?
  • Topic #5: Which upcoming MMOs have you excited in regard to economic and crafting systems?
  • News: SOE cancels four MMOs, hints at new one
  • News: Elder Scrolls Online gets Mature rating, announces voice cast
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