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Community Blog Topic Results: New WoW classes


Our latest Community Blog Topic asked you to pitch a new World of Warcraft class. Many commenters suggested that WoW did not need another class, but that misses the point. Several classes with very detailed designs were blogged and commented about. I've only excerpted a few here, so follow the links to see the full descriptions.

AedanBlounsø at SnobGoblin describes the bard class in full detail, including specs like the Heartmender:

Primary Abilities

Song of Hope - Restores an allys health and increase their damage done

Unearthly Affection - Convinces an enemy to redirect their attack to another ally.

Pure of Heart - Melee attacks against the Heartmender causes an aura of protection to slow the attacking enemy while healing the Heartmender.

Hymn of Heresy - Waves of mystical energy emerge from the Heartmender, causing allies to increase their critical strike rating while damaging enemies.

Arrows of the Soul - Heartmenders convert agility to intellect.

Astalnar from Cogitationes Astalnaris introduces the Sapper class, which is engineering based. The description is very detailed, even talking about how the Sappers would look:

As a special class feature, Sappers would require to select what limb they would be missing. They replace it with a mechanical one, and they can choose between variety of options. Hands, legs, feet, arms. They would need to choose at least one limb missing. This limb, could never be covered by armour. They could then choose the replacement in form of a laser ray arm, steel claw hand, bazooka boot, or gnomish army knife. Aside from that, they could, if they so choose, pick one or a combination of parts of face missing. An eye, ear, or nose, or lower jaw. If they chose any of this, it also gets replaced by a rather wonderful mechanical prosthetic.
Fussypants and father from Growing Up in Azeroth introduce two classes: the Allomancer and the Steamworker. The Steamworker would have the following specs:
⦁ Iron Horse: Tank that uses the power of steam to create aggro and to bolster their own fortitude. Think RoboCop, but steam driven. Primary Stat: Stamina

⦁ Gatling Gun: Ranged DPS that can only use rifles, but gets a DPS bonus. Can use steam power to strengthen attacks or create aoe attacks

⦁ Tin Man: Melee DPS that relies on slow steam powered melee attacks. The tin man swings slow, but hard. Can duel wield, but only maces.

The class would wield maces, shields, polearms, staves, and rifles.
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard suggests the Bounty Hunter class.
The bounty hunter class would be part hunter, part spy, part tinker. They would use a lot of gadgets. I would give them a +10 to engineering or maybe even let them start off at another level altogether. I would make another profession to compliment them, "Tinker" which works with engineering and combines things. More guns. More explosives. Maybe a laser. Their attacks would be mechanical, electrical and fire based. They could throw out traps, distract and deceive. Limited stealth (think more of a cloaking device) kind of like the night elf ability to shadowmeld.
angerfork from Full-Pronged Fury would like a Blue Mage class.
Of course, the real specialty of the Blue Mage class is not in the spells it itself has, but in the spells it can learn. Each spec would come with slight sets of taunts, spell misdirects, and mind control spells, which would be used both as CC and as a way for the Mage to get new spells. These would obviously have to be somewhat limited and similar in strength for balancing, but I see how this could work. Each caster has a set of open spell slots, say 6 or so. As a Blue Mage was hit with a certain spell (likely while casting a specific spell they have), they would learn it and it would be stored in a list. You could then add it to the spellbook in a similar fashion to how Glyphs currently work. This allows for a great deal of customization, even at endgame, and a lot of different strategies you can employ.
bryantgries suggests the Dragonkin class.
Dragonkin - the remnants of the blue and red dragon flights join the Horde/Alliance. The Blue Dragonflight joins the Alliance and the red the Horde (this would need some storytelling, but presumably would include the Dragonmaw being ejected from the Horde for being loyal to Garrosh). Like Worgen they have two forms - a humanoid form (chose from among the applicable races (say Troll, Blood Elves, and Goblins for the Horde and Humans, Gnomes and Night Elves for the Alliance) and their combat forms. Can fulfill all roles, and transform into a different kind of dragon based on what role they take - big two legged jobber for tanking, sleek four legged model for healer, bulkier four legged model for melee dps or maybe whelpling for ranged dps.
Ebonlock suggests Heralds.
Herald: somewhat like the paladin, the herald calls upon the power of faith, although in this case the herald chooses a specific demigod or deity and uses powers relates to their area of worship.

One spec idea would focus around Moon worship, directly using arcane-based moon energy to aggrivate and pull foes while launching crescent-shaped magic. "Arcane tank."

Another spec would invoke power of the titans, controlling metals. Bending it and crushing foes. Lots of binding magic, such as with chains or prisons. "Metal-magic tank".

Final spec reveres Al'akir. Very mobile, uses a lot of wind magic to push foes and entrap them while using restoring wind to heal allies. "Air healing."

The herald would wear cloth, and be the first cloth-based tank and the first class with no dps spec.
Maris.Jirgens introduces Spellweavers.
Class: Spell-weaver (Think Battlemage, but with a twist). Spell-weavers would use Int Mail as their primary armor type. The class would function by weaving spells around their weapons, and each spec would primarily be designed around the spellbinder using certain weapons.
Battlenun likes the idea of an Evoker class.
Maximum armor class: Cloth

Summoner: Tank spec. Summons temporary apparitions (creature, wall, turret, etc) that will tank until destroyed. New ones must be summoned as each apparition has a cool down. Some are mobile, some are stationary. Cannot heal, must be constantly summoned in rotation. Primary stat: Intellect

Illusionist: Buff Spec. Summon illusions who's very presence emboldens and protects allies or terrifies and weakens enemies Primary stat: Intellect

Phantasmal: DPS spec. Calls forth ethereal weapons, hallucinations and traps that damage enemies. Primary stat: Intelligence.
gan7114 suggests Wordsmiths.
Armor: Mail (Intellect)

Weapon: Ancient Tomes

Resource: Ancient Chevrons (Lore: as one deeply reads and understands the once-forgotten (and deemed forbidden) arcane arts contained within the pages of ancient tomes, the chevrons spark to life and grant their powers to be used in fashioning powerful offensive and defensive spells)
fillidei suggests the Legionnaire, including a spec called the Blademaster.
Maximum Armour Class - Mail New Type of Energy Resource ! Hate. Your character may never reach maximum hate (or else a debuff will apply to you).

Blademaster - Melee DPS with a lot of hate and that generates hate. can create clones to fool the enemy. May change body with clones from time to time to make it useful in pvp.

Heavy damage spells generate hate ! so must watch out not to cap it. Weaker spells would dump hate. Mastery could involve trying to have as much hate as possible without capping it to deal maximum damage.
sorenthaz goes into full detail on a Demon Hunter hero class.
Description: Utilizing power gained through imprisoning a demon within their very own bodies, Demon Hunters fight fire with fire... or fel fire with fel fire, in this case. By becoming a Demon Hunter one must constantly contain the demon within, which poses a threat to enemies and allies alike. Those who thirst for power will tap more into the demon's powers rather than their own, and thus gain amazing power at the cost of gaining demon-like features and potentially losing their own humanity. Those who wish to be more conservative will rely more heavily on their personal abilities and heavier usage of armor, using the demon within as more of an enhancement than anything. Regardless of the path you choose, every Demon Hunter can unleash the demon within for a short time, making them terrifying monsters on the battlefield... if they can control it. As a Demon Hunter, you will have to decide how much you'll be willing to give up in order to harness the power of your inner demon, and whether you wish to let it grow within you or simply be chained down to be used as a source of energy. The choice is yours.
Many other people had more engineering-based classes and variations on the Demon Hunter.

Do you have an idea for another Community Blog Topic? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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