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Lone Survivor, Thomas Was Alone, Stealth Inc, Proteus in a PSN bundle


The Curve Studios Mega Bundle on PSN collects a handful of indie gems that are cross-compatible on PS3 and Vita, all for $15 ($13.50 for Plus members): Thomas Was Alone, Stealth Inc, Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut and Proteus.

This is a broad bundle. Thomas Was Alone is a minimalistic platformer starring shapes as characters and narrated by an English gentleman; Stealth Inc is a rapid-paced, robot- and laser-laden platformer; Lone Survivor is an introspective, psychological thriller and survival game; and Proteus is ... Proteus. It's a procedurally generated exploration game in a mystical, illusive world with a soundtrack created by the immediate surroundings.

Check out the deal right here.

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