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Respawn: Titanfall server-side updates won't cause downtime


During Titanfall's recent closed alpha playtest, developer Respawn Entertainment instituted several changes at the server-side level. As a result, Titanfall changed, yet players were never locked out of the game during these periods.

In a post on the Titanfall forums, Respawn Programmer Jon Shiring revealed the studio "rolled out 3 new server builds and completely moved players from one build to the next without interrupting gameplay." He added that players "never noticed a difference" outside of certain bugs vanishing from the multiplayer shooter.

Shiring went on to say this is how the majority of updates will be handled in the final version of Titanfall, though obviously not every problem can be corrected on the server side. "We will definitely be rolling out new server builds to fix issues that we find. Not every issue can be patched entirely on the server, and so some fixes will require a client patch. But new server builds are definitely something we will be doing."

Titanfall launches on March 11 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. During an investor's call yesterday, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said Titanfall DLC is already in the works and will "evolve over time as we see how the player base evolves through the year."

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