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The Daily Grind: What zones feel 'real' to you?


Let's face it: Some MMO game zones seem as real as a set on the stage of a high school play. They check off all of the fantastic features that give art directors goosebumps, but when you're in those areas you can't quite shake the feeling that it's a façade put on for your benefit.

Then there are those special places that check off all of the boxes on your own list instead, gelling together to create an environment that feels utterly believable. I encounter these places in Lord of the Rings Online quite often, especially when I go through terrain types that exist in the real world but are rarely seen in games. Maybe I'm strange to get a thrill out of a fog-shrouded swamp, but it's better than another lava zone.

So what MMO zone feels real to you? What gets you all well and properly immersed?

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