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Grand Theft Auto Online class-action lawsuit dismissed


A class-action lawsuit filed against Rockstar Games and Take-Two has been dismissed by a US District Court in California today, Game Politics reports.

The plaintiffs in the class-action suit argued that Rockstar and Take-Two failed to deliver the full, promised Grand Theft Auto 5 experience – specifically, the online portion of the game, GTA Online. The suit claimed the state of Grand Theft Auto 5 at launch last September was "unlawful," "unfair" and "fraudulent" on the part of Take-Two and Rockstar. Judge Virginia A. Phillips disagreed, citing there is no language on the Grand Theft Auto 5 packaging guaranteeing the online portion of the game "immediately."

GTA Online launched on October 1, weeks after GTA 5 made its $1 billion debut at retail. Since then, Rockstar has iterated on its multiplayer offering by adding race and deathmatch creation tools, along with Rockstar Verified Jobs. Co-op heists will be added to GTA Online later this year.

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