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The Queue: I'm sorry, who are we facing again?

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) actually liked this fight best out of all of ToC.

My raid guild was chatting while raiding last night, as we do, and at some point during the evening someone brought up poor Wilfred Fizzlebang. It reminded me of Mr. Voltron's excellent Jaraxxus remix, which I hadn't heard in a long time, so I thought I'd use it for the Queue today. This isn't the original version, it's a mashup mix, and I kind of like it better than the original.

Let's open with a Twitter question, because this was a pretty good question to ask.

@RJME92 asked via Twitter:

why in the world does varian and the alliance leadership not demand concessions from the horde in the aftermath of Siege?

If you talk to Tyrande after the Garrosh fight, she does mention that the Horde is going to clear out of Ashenvale -- the Alliance gets Ashenvale, the Horde gets to keep Azshara. But really though, when you ask that question you have to think about what you're asking, and more importantly, who you're asking.

Every piece of land won by the Horde throughout Cataclysm and Mists was done on the backs of the Kor'kron. We just spent an entire raid instance dismantling the strongest military force the Horde had from the inside out. Vol'jin's band of rebels may be strong, but were they strong enough to take on the Kor'kron on their own? No. They needed the Alliance forces attacking simultaneously to pull it off. All the major military minds behind the Kor'kron, all the leaders, heck even the leader of the Dragonmaw forces Garrosh had under his control are all gone now.

The Horde has nothing. What they have is a very tenuous grasp on the land that Garrosh managed to get for them. That's it. Varian doesn't have to ask for concessions after that fight with Garrosh Hellscream. He doesn't need to. If the Alliance wants to take territory back, they can simply run in and take it. They absolutely have the upper hand at the end of Siege. At the end of the Hellscream encounter, the Horde is an absolute mess. They have only just named a new Warchief approximately two seconds before Varian wants to speak to him, and Vol'jin has no idea what the Horde is going to do with his guidance. He doesn't know what the Horde holds and doesn't hold, he doesn't know what Garrosh was planning to do next, he doesn't know much of anything other than he's got the title, and now he has to figure out what to do with it.

That's why Jaina was freaking out and telling Varian to get rid of them now, while they were all in the same room -- because that little scene after Garrosh's fall was the weakest the Horde has ever been, and likely the weakest it will ever be. Jaina wanted Varian to take advantage of that, but Varian decided instead to let them go. He's not a cold-blooded killer. He's not a murderer. He's not Garrosh. So he'll let the leaders get up and dust themselves off, because he knows that at that precise moment they have never been more keenly aware of just how much of an upper hand the Alliance is holding -- and they aren't going to forget it anytime soon.

wrathofkublakhan asked:

Will there be a Shrine or Dalaran type city in WoD?

Sadly, no. We'll have separate cities -- for the Horde it's Bladespire Fortress up in Frostfire Ridge, for the Alliance it's Karabor, a.k.a. the Black Temple before it became the Black Temple. I say sadly because honestly, when I think of all the years of expansions we've had, I kind of liked having the sanctuary-style cities for both factions. It made the cities feel a heck of a lot more populated, and I got to see opposing faction players up close and personal on a daily basis. Obviously we're not feeling as chummy with each other in the aftermath of the war, so it's not really feasible to see it now. But I hope we get a sanctuary city again someday.

bcf_80 asked:

I have a small question. I was in AV (L78) the other day and noticed a Dwarf Shaman wearing a very colorful kilt (reds and blues and yellows). I inspected him and thought it was the heirloom item for shaman, but that looks like it is blue and not that colorful (though similar in pattern). Any thoughts what he was wearing? I thought it looked really sharp!

It might have been a recolor of the Earthfury set, that fits the general level range of the AV you were in. Alternatively, the Five Thunders set is a recolor version of the heirloom items you were talking about -- but it doesn't have a lot of blue in it. If any shaman out there have any other ideas of what this mysterious item might be, leave a comment and help him out!

BlindseerJB asked:

Is there any way to get a physical authenticator from Blizzard any more??

Unfortunately, Blizzard still hasn't got physical items up on the store page just yet. It is something they're working on, apparently. However, if you're just trying to replace an old authenticator, put in a ticket for it. I called them when mine was starting to malfunction and they kindly mailed me a replacement.

Hyde_v asked:

Many RPGs distinguish between a mage and a sorcerer in that a mage studies to learn magic while sorcerer's abilities are innate. WoW only did this in the defunct RPG books calling sorcerers "Hedge Wizards." Is there any other established lore that makes this distinction in WoW as far as who can use arcane magic?

Hedge wizards, or hedge mages, have been referred to very briefly both in game and also in the novel The Last Guardian, so they aren't really as non-canon as you'd think. However, it's usually just a slang term used to refer to mages that aren't liked by the Kirin Tor. In the game itself, you'll usually see the terms mage, wizard, and sorcerer used interchangeably with each other -- there isn't really a noted difference in terms of whether they learned their powers or they were innate, they just seem to all fall under "things we call people that practice magic."

loli.gigis asked:

Do you think there will ever be certain weapons for each class? Not necessarily the only weapon but maybe where your best in slot is going to be a certain type of weapon? I ask because I feel wrong for carrying a sword or staff on my mage instead of a wand. It feels off balance to use anything else. Just like my pally feels off without a mace.

Well there already is, sort of -- Assassination rogues can't use anything but daggers. They could pick up a sword if they wanted to, but since Mutilate requires two daggers and it's pretty much the bread-and-butter ability for the spec, you won't catch an Assassination rogue using anything else. Speaking as a rogue that plays in that spec, it's kind of a pain. Yes, rogues are all about the daggers, and the dagger feels like a really good rogue weapon, but it really, really limits the choices for transmog weapons. It's kind of a niche complaint, because it really has nothing to do with class performance, but I get a little jealous when Rossi talks about transmogging all the really cool weapons he's found as a warrior, and I'm stuck with daggers only.

@Xerrabaldy asked via Twitter:

qftq. Have we heard anything about reputations in wod? Are we likely to be awfully gated for gear like the start of mop?

We haven't heard any specifics, but people have been loud and clear about how they feel in terms of reputations in Mists, how well they worked, what didn't work, and how they aren't really fond of that whole method of gating the process of obtaining gear upgrades. I can't really tell you how it's going to work in Warlords because obviously we haven't seen the game yet -- but I doubt it's going to be more of the same methods that people didn't care for in Mists.

@kremlincardinal asked via Twitter:

You + any of the Windrunner sisters vs. Garrosh. Who do you take with you into the arena?

Alleria. Because if things went south, we could just inexplicably vanish without a trace.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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