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Check out this amazing re-imaging of the Apple Store and other news from Jan. 30, 2014

While not news, this is just fantastic. Amber Creative, based out of the UK, developed a crazy, cool, unofficial redesign of Apple's online store. The website is responsive, showcasing the best of Apple's products in a slick packaging that makes the current official site look obsolete. Sebastiano Guerriero with Amber posted on Dribbble that the first glimpse of the project a couple weeks ago went viral.

The Amber Creative team posted different takes of the project on Behance. As the project description states: "We built this concept on top of a modular UI/UX approach; we used bigger images and less text, thus letting the user attention to focus on the products."

What do you think? Would you like to see the Apple Store resemble this concept?

Other news from Thursday afternoon includes:

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