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Dip into Guacamelee on Steam for cheap this weekend


Guacamelee! Gold Edition is Steam's daily deal today. Until 10am PT on Sunday, February 2, you can grab Drinkbox Studios' charming Lucha Libre-inspired platformer for only $3.74. A bundle including the game's delightful soundtrack is available for $5.

Guacamelee! Gold Edition includes the base game along with some additional costumes and The Devil's Playground DLC, which opens up an additional area called El Inferno – the Devil's Domain. Guacamelee! Gold Edition also supports Steam Trading Cards, Steam Workshop for custom skins and Steam achievements.

In our review, based on the original PS3 and PS Vita version, we called Guacamelee a "luchadorable" good time. "The clumsy evolution of combat aside, I'd heartily recommend Guacamelee – once for its devilish difficulty, again for its luchadorable charm, and one last time for its even-handed treatment of the lowly video game chicken."

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