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Massively Rewind: SOE's shutdowns, ESO's pre-orders, and Funcom's raided offices


There was no shortage of juicy MMO news this week, so it's a good thing Massively Rewind is here to make sure you don't miss the good stuff. We're kind of like a devoted parent pointing out landmarks to gawk at during a cross-country family road trip... except you don't have to play the license plate game.

Grab a Pop-Tart, watch the show, and if you're interested in the finer details, click these conveniently located links to learn more about each story. While SOE is putting down a smattering of struggling MMOs, Riot Games is boasting insane numbers of League of Legends players. Elder Scrolls Online makes waves with its pre-order bonuses and extended cinematic trailer. And finally, Funcom gets raided, but not in the fun kind of way.

Massively Rewind Episode 4

If you're wondering what happened in MMOspace this week but are too busy to read every article, then point your eyeholes at Massively Rewind, the Massively video news show hosted by Richie Procopio and produced by Jef Reahard. We'll hit the rewind button every Friday morning and deliver our weekly MMO recap in video form... with occasional special guests to keep things interesting for everyone.

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