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Beatshapers announces RC racer Ready to Run for PS4

If you've noticed a distinct lack of RC cars on your PS4, Beatshapers would like to fill that void for you with Ready to Run. Players will have 15 cars with arcade-like physics to choose from, none of which will require daily bulk purchases of AA batteries. See, it's already better than real life!

Ready to Run will have a "single city environment featuring endless tracks configurations for different race modes," which will include realtime and asynchronous multiplayer. The racer isn't accurately named just yet though - Ready to Run will be a PS4 exclusive on the PlayStation Network in Q2 of 2014.

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Ready To Run™ coming exclusively to PlayStation®4 this year!
Run and fight to stay alive in zombie-infested world.

KIEV, Ukraine (January 31, 2014) – Beatshapers Ltd, an independent game development and publishing studio in Eastern Europe, announcing today their new PlayStation®4 game - Ready to Run™.

Ready to Run™ is a furious R.C. car racing game in unique retro-futuristic setting, here are some unique-selling points of upcoming game:

Highly responsive arcade R.C. cars physics
15+ futuristic looking radio-control cars with various designs available to play
Single city environment featuring endless tracks configurations for different race modes.
Real-time and asynchronous multiplayer modes.
Various scoreboards with filters, with an emphasize of PSN friends.

We've always been fans of R.C. cars racing game and seem it's time for new title on the PlayStation®Network: we are planning to have PlayStation®4 release in Q2 2013.

About Beatshapers
Beatshapers is self-funded independent developer and digital publisher, based in Kiev, Ukraine. Beatshapers is known for its highly anticipated 19 PlayStation®Network releases, including Furmins, BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, Jetpack Joyride, Canabalt and PlayStation®Vita/PS3 Cross Play title, StarDrone Extreme. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Beatshapers.

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