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Plague Inc: Evolved infecting PC players February 20

The PC master race could only resemble Madagascar for so long - Plague Inc's supervirus of fun is coming for all of you on February 20, but the mutation that takes you down will be called Plague Inc: Evolved. Mac and Linux players are targets for Evolved as well, but they'll be reached "as soon as possible" after the PC infection via Steam.

Evolved will add multiplayer, allowing you to work with friends to find a cure or race to humanity's extinction. Your creative liberties can influence more than just a disease's name this time, too - players will be able to create new plague types and share their masterpieces via Steam Workshop. You'll also be able to watch your handiwork take its toll from a street view as well as an individual organ perspective ... you know, for science.

While developer Ndemic Creations' FAQ for Evolved confirms the game will cost more than the original, it does not suggest a launch price.
[Image: Ndemic Creations]

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Hey Joystiq,

Exciting news which may be of interest to you as it gives you new ways to eradicate the world ;)

Plague Inc. is now coming to PC in the form of Plague Inc: Evolved and will be launching on steam next month!

It has a load of cool stuff like multiplayer, content creators etc - you think joystiq might want to write about it? :P

In official language: Plague Inc: Evolved combines the original critically acclaimed gameplay of Plague Inc. with significant, all-new features for PC

More information here:
FAQs are here:
Trailer here:

Please let me know if you need anything


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