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WoW Moviewatch: Darkness Falls

Anne Stickney

Darkness Falls from ChadStein Productions is not your typical machinima video. Described as a "tribute to Mists of Pandaria," the machinima uses nearly every cinematic found in the expansion, both in-game and out, rather than the character manipulation we usually see. Set to a suitably epic soundtrack, the whole presentation really gives the viewer the sense of the story and themes behind Mists of Pandaria -- and it has been anything but light and fluffy.

While it's not the usual in-game footage we're used to, the quick cuts and sweeping soundtrack of Darkness Falls do an excellent job of conveying that darker tone, all the while highlighting the amazing material that the cinematics team has put together over the course of the expansion. It might not be your usual machinima, but I really like it, not only as a fitting tribute to the cinematics of Mists of Pandaria, but to the darker side of what Pandaria had to offer.
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