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You're Mr. Plow in PC and mobile sim Dawn of the Plow

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Developer "Dan FitzGerald" has had it with this mother#$@&ing snow during this mother#$@&ing winter. Or maybe he really enjoys it - after all, where would his new mobile game, Dawn of the Plow, be without snow?

Available now on iTunes, Google Play, PC, Mac and Linux for $1.99, Dawn of the Plow gives players the most important and appreciated of assignments: clearing the streets for other drivers. The controls are deliberately difficult to handle however, so don't be surprised if instead of plowing snow, you wind up plowing into a hapless citizen.

Your work really ought to speak for itself, but if you need a jingle to help persuade customers into paying for your expert snowplowing business, you're in luck! We know just the one.
[Image: Dan FitzGerald]

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