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Gunpoint dev working on stealth space game Heat Signature


Tom Francis, the developer behind Gunpoint, has announced one of his new projects, Heat Signature. It's a stealth game, set in space, in which you stalk randomly generated ships and board them.

Stealth isn't so much about the enemy ship's line-of-sight as it is about your ship's temperature. Each randomly spawned vessel has heat sensors that can pick up on warmth within their proximity, so it's paramount you float up to ships while using your thrusters sparingly. Of course, relative size of your target also affects the difficulty of this maneuver.

Once you've docked, you can walk around inside the unsuspecting space barge, avoiding or killing its guards. As Francis points out in the video, this build is still early and missing a lot of the final systems he has planned for Heat Signature.

At first you'll spawn into the world as a random class of character, with a certain goal or objective that requires you to board ships and hack terminals for more information. One play session of Heat Signature may ask you to kill a target, while another may challenge you to track down and steal a rare ship.

Francis doesn't say when to expect Heat Signature, but he's set up a mailing list for all those interested in being notified of important development updates (like this one).

[Image: Suspicious Developments]

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