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Meet Blink Bundle, a new 'developer-focused' bundle site


Thanks to the onslaught of cost-effective game bundles courtesy of the folks at Indie Royale, Humble Bundle and Bundle Stars, players have plenty of options to pass the time at a low price. Blink Bundle is now entering that space by appeasing game developers interested in adding their games to discounted collections: CEO Jim Yildirim told Joystiq via email that Blink offers the "highest dev cut out of any of the major bundles."

Blink Bundle is currently offering a "Something for Everyone Bundle," which includes Steam games Gnomoria, Sideway New York, Archon Classic and Light of Altair in addition to an as-yet-unknown bonus game for a minimum payment of $1.99. Those that pay $4.99 or more for the bundle also receive Blockland, Eldritch, Lilly Looking Through, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Influx and Hero of the Kingdom, as well as another unnamed bonus game. The two bonus games will "unlock" on Thursday, at which point both price tiers will increase by $1. The bundle will be available until Thursday, February 13.
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