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The Daily Grind: Do you play MMOs that haven't released in your region?

Jef Reahard

So, Black Desert is coming to Russia. ArcheAge is already in Russia, and China, and Japan, and pretty much everywhere else except the West. Blade & Soul? Eh, it doesn't appear to be coming to Europe or America any time soon, either.

I bring all this up because it's irritating and I'm impatient, but I'm also curious as to how many of you Korean MMO fans go the extra mile to play these games despite all the roadblocks. It's not just the language barrier, see. Sure, it can be challenging to download the client and get it installed and configured correctly, but then you've got to deal with IP region-locking, poor performance, and in the case of ArcheAge, a requirement to own a Korean cell phone before you can even sign up for a legal account!

How about it, MMO fans? Do you play MMOs that haven't released in your region?

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