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Breakfast Topic: What are you going to buy from the gear store?


If you hadn't already heard, the Blizzard gear store -- the part of the online shop that sells all the physical items is back. While this means that, at last, physical authenticators are again accessible for those who need them, there's also a few new trinkets that might whet the appetite of a Blizzard fan with a little spare cash.

So what's caught your eye? I've heard people being fairly excited about the Hearthstone swirl mug, but as someone who doesn't really care for Hearthstone, it's not particularly my style. I'm quite keen on the Horde and Alliance journals -- I love notepads, and these are rather pretty. I might also part with some cash in return for a Heroes of the Storm t-shirt, I'm really excited about the game, and I do a bit of video content now and then, so a t-shirt would be great. The Megabloks don't really appeal -- they're too pricey for the big sets and too non-descript in the small sets, but maybe a Funko Pop figurine to go with my existing Kerrigan one. But how about you? Anything making you reach for your wallet?

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