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Pacemaker DJ app for iPad swaps your record bag for your Spotify password (update: video)


Third time lucky? The team behind Pacemaker clearly thinks so. What was originally ambitious hardware, had to reinvent itself as an app after a complex business arrangement meant things didn't work out. Sadly, the app's devs chose a platform that limited its scope, when it launched as a BlackBerry-only offering. Today, Pacemaker is back, and perhaps where it most logically belongs -- as an iPad app. The totally reinvented interface is much cleaner than before, and operates on a freemium model (unlock extra features like effects at a small cost). Most notable though, is the partnership with Spotify, giving you instant access to the streaming service's entire library. You'll need a premium account, but there's a free trial included in the app. This is something that was attempted before, albeit in breach of Spotify's terms and conditions. Perhaps the most pleasing part of the story though -- at least for owners of the original hardware -- is that Pacemaker the device hasn't been forgotten. Today, it receives a new firmware update that brings new features and improvements to the now-cult gadget. So whether you're hardware or software, it's time to dig out those headphones.

Update: The digital DJ gurus over at DJ Tech Tools have given the app a more in-depth look, we've embedded the video overview after the break.

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