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PSN Tuesday: Outlast on PS4, pre-order Dark Souls 2, South Park


Outlast is out on PS4 in today's PSN update, alongside PS3 games Dustforce, Castlestorm Complete Edition, Adam's Venture Chronicles, Truck Racer and Furmins + Stardrone Extreme Bundle. Outlast, you'll remember (unless you blocked the memory to save your psyche), is the horror game from Red Barrels that places players inside a corrupt insane asylum with the broader task of discovering why everyone there is so grossly homicidal. It's $20 on PSN, but free for Plus members.

A bevy of PS3 pre-orders are live now as well: Dark Souls 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Call of Duty: Ghosts' first DLC pack, Onslaught. That last one is pre-order-able for PS4 as well. Vita gets Dustforce, King Oddball and Surge Deluxe today. See the full lineup on the PlayStation Blog.
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