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Super Bowl sets new record for live streaming, barely


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At first glance, Fox Sports' viewership numbers for its Super Bowl stream are impressive, but when compared to data from previous games, they lose a bit of their luster. This year, an average of 528,000 people tuned into the stream per minute compared to 2013's 508,000 viewer total. The increase is enough for the broadcaster to say the game is the "most-viewed live stream ever for a single sports event in the US," (phew!) but the extra eyes only bumped the number by about 4 percent. How long people streamed the game increased by 25 percent this year, averaging around 48 minutes total. What's more, Fox says that on Sunday, its Sports Go app was the number one most downloaded sports app for iPhones and iPads, and the number two iPad app overall. Peak viewing time was in the third quarter when 1.1 million simultaneous users tuned in -- you know, when the Seahawks' victory was all but guaranteed.

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