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The Witch and the Hundred Knight swamps us with a new trailer


In The Witch and the Hundred Knight, you play a warrior devoted to the witch Metallia, a vindictive mistress hellbent on expanding her swampy dominion until she's taken oven the world. In case you hadn't guessed by the description or by looking at it, the PS3 action-RPG comes from the minds of Disgaea studio Nippon Ichi Software.

In addition to laying out the story, a new trailer shows how the Knight does Metallia's bidding across the various lands. Highlights include customizing combos by assigning different weapons to each of the hits, and how the Hundred Knight needs a depleting resource called "gigacalories" to seemingly do anything in the world, including stay alive.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is set to take over Europe when it arrives on March 21, before spreading its rule to North America on March 25.

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