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Timey-wimey platformer Ethan: Meteor Hunter is coming to Vita


Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a tricky PS3 and PC platformer with time-stopping mechanics, and it was made by the self-described "bastards" at Seaven Studio. It was only in December the French team was lamenting some woeful sales numbers, so it's good to see it's persevering by bringing the game to Vita sometime "soon," in addition to Steam on February 7.

Seaven credits Reddit with getting the game past Greenlight, after users there backed it in the wake of the dispiriting sales. As for the Vita version, one change-up is that players can use Ethan's telekinetic powers to move objects in stasis using the front and rear touchscreens, a feature that Seaven's Olivier Penot said "just made sense."

No word on a release date for Vita, but Seaven is nonetheless ramping up the platformer's second coming with plenty of promos. PS3 users can try out a demo this week, with that version on sale at $7, or $5 for PS Plus users - the game will be Cross-Buy, so getting it on PS3 will unlock the Vita version when it arrives. Meanwhile, the Steam version will be 20 percent off at launch, coming in at $8.
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