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Classic Duke Nukem adventures headline Indie Royale Mixer Bundle


Dubbed the "Mixer Bundle," Indie Royale's latest collection features a wildly disparate selection of games united only by their sizable discounts.

Included in the Bundle are Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, Alien Spidy, Miner Wars 2081, Dollar Dash, The Journey Down: Chapter 1, Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre, Final Slam 2 and Party of Sin. Additionally, the Bundle stretches the modern definition of "indie" a bit to include both Duke Nukem and its sequel, Duke Nukem 2, games developed and published by Apogee Software at a time when developers releasing games independently was still the industry standard.

As with all Indie Royale bundles, the price you pay for these games hinges on the average amount paid by other customers. As of now, all of this can be yours for as little as $4.78. If you decide to pay more for the Bundle, know that any purchases above $7 will be rewarded with a copy of Darkman007's "Chiptunes - 2014" album in either .mp3 or .flac format.
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