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Shopping app lets you beam payments to old-fashioned cash registers


Remember Mobeam's barcode scanning trick? It looks like it just found a new home: the Clutch app. The digital shopping app can now beam credit card loyalty card numbers, ticket info, coupons and gift card data to the regular laser scanners used at most retailers. The catch is, of course, that this feature only works on the few devices that support Mobeam -- namely the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the Note 3. Although the feature is limited by device, it's unique because it puts the burden on the customer, unlike options like Square that require retailers to abandon traditional payment systems for new technology. Mobeam actually released a similar app of its own sometime ago, but hey, when your technology is supported by just a couple of phones, even partnering with the competition is a good way to reach more people.

Update: Mobeam does not support payments or beaming credit card numbers at point-of-sale.

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