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F2P mech combat sim Hawken transitioning to Steam this month


Adhesive Games announced that its free-to-play mech combat game, Hawken, is due for an imminent release on Steam, pending a week-long transition period for registered players.

Starting today, Adhesive will phase out its existing Hawken launcher and gameplay services, redirecting current players to a pre-release Steam version instead. From now on, Hawken will require a Steam account to play, and the game will no longer be accessible outside of Steam. All player progress will transfer to the Steam version.

Current Hawken players will receive early access to a Steam version that includes the majority of content from the game's recent February update, though some features may be unavailable initially. "This patch will be missing some core content and you may run into some of our QA testers still working on final polish," Adhesive notes. "Right now, we're aiming for a formal release of the update in the next couple of weeks."

All existing Hawken players should receive a Steam code by February 11. Adhesive will begin accepting new players after a full Steam release rolls out later this month.
[Image: Adhesive Games]

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