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Love is a battlefield in Borderlands 2 Valentine's DLC


Borderlands 2 continues its pattern of holiday-styled Headhunter packs with "Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre," and the DLC is due to hit all platforms next week on February 11, with the usual exception of PSN in Europe which gets it the day after. It's priced $3 in North America, and £2.39/3 euros across the ocean.

The Valentine's-themed update sees the hatted hostess Moxxi bring back the Innuendo Bot 5000 to try and make two rival clans go all lovey-dovey for each other. If only love was that simple, and not hilariously violent as it'll likely prove in the DLC.

According to 2K Games Community Manager Joveth Gonzales, Borderlands 2 is so overflowing with DLC that it's getting to a point where "technical limitations" may make it impossible to add any more – and, you know, maybe 2K and Gearbox could move on after that. That won't happen until April at least, as the fifth and final Headhunter DLC is due then – we're not taking bets on an Easter theme.
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