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Pokemon Bank now available on North American 3DS eShop


A day after its European debut, Nintendo has released the beleaguered Pokemon Bank application to the North American eShop. Simply fire up your 3DS, visit the online store, download the free program and it's yours.

As its name suggests, the Pokemon Bank is an electronic storage service for the legions of pocket monsters you've gathered in Pokemon X and Y – up to 3,000 of the adorable critters. More crucially, however, the Bank brings with it Pokemon Transporter functionality, which allows you to transfer Pokemon from the Nintendo DS Pokemon games into Pokemon X and Y.

While the Pokemon Bank download is free, the service itself is not. Nintendo is imposing a $5 annual fee for use of the Pokemon Bank, though if you download the application prior to March 14 you'll receive a free 30-day trial.
[Image: The Pokemon Company]

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