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Puzzle-RPG 10000000 on sale, developer reveals sequel You Must Build a Boat


Indie developer Luca Redwood announced that he's working on a follow-up to his tile-matching, dungeon-crawling puzzler 10000000, and plans to offer the sequel for free to anyone who purchased the original game.

You Must Build A Boat expands on 10000000's addictive structure with new playable locations, recruitable party members, and tile upgrades that award bonuses for successful matches. Players who purchased 10000000 on Steam will automatically receive a copy of You Must Build A Boat upon its release, and Redwood is weighing his options for a similar upgrade program on iOS and Android platforms.

Redwood is currently offering a multiplatform version of 10000000 at a discounted rate of $1.50 via the Humble Store. Purchases via the Humble Widget include a Steam key, along with DRM-free copies of the game for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. If you just want the Steam version of 10000000, it's available for 99 cents through February 10.
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