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The Wolf Among Us bitten by season pass issues on Xbox 360


Following yesterday's release of the second episode of Telltale's The Wolf Among Us, those who purchased a season pass on the Xbox 360 began reporting problems with their game.

"I bought the season pass but there is only an option to buy [Episode 2], no option to download it with the season pass," reads one of the few complaints suitable for publication. 17 pages of comments follow that remark, the majority of which claim that owners of the season pass are not being given immediate, gratis access to Episode 2, despite having already paid for the entirety of The Wolf Among Us.

Telltale Games has yet to offer users a solution, but says that Microsoft is looking into the issue. "Note: Microsoft is investigating a current issue regarding season passes for TWAU on 360 and will supply progress updates via @XboxSupport," Telltale tweeted. So far, the @XboxSupport Twitter account hasn't mentioned The Wolf Among Us, nor provided additional information on this problem.

Update: Telltale has issued a more comprehensive statement, noting that the issue stems not from the developer but instead from ongoing problems with DLC on the Xbox 360. "We are aware of the issue on XBOX Live Marketplace affecting Season Pass owners of The Wolf Among Us where the user is still prompted to purchase Episode 2 even though they own the Season Pass. There appears to be an issue on XBOX Live affecting multiple titles with DLC offerings and Microsoft is actively working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and are hopeful it will be resolved soon."
[Image: Telltale Games]

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