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iOS 7 bug lets you turn off Find My iPhone without authorization


Find My iPhone is often the best tool for finding a stolen device, especially since the phone prompts a user for their password before allowing the feature to be turned off. But now, a bug found in iOS 7.0.4 by Bradley Williams seems to allow anyone with the phone in their possession to bypass iCloud's security feature and shut off Find My iPhone without needing to wipe the phone or perform any other drastic steps.

You can check out the glitch in Bradley's video above, but it's pretty simple to pull off: Simply enter an incorrect password in the iCloud account information, then delete the "description" field. The phone then disables the "Find My iPhone" feature automatically, keeping anyone from finding the device using the iCloud tools provided by Apple.

As MacRumors points out, the bypass doesn't seem to work in the beta version of iOS 7.1, which is due to be released shortly, so there's a good chance Apple already caught wind of it and has since plugged the hole.

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