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    Moves is taking M7 motion data to the next level with latest update

    Perhaps the best thing about the iPhone 5s is its M7 motion coprocessor. It's the little chip that lives inside the 5s that constantly tracks all your motion data, whether you are walking, running or on some kind of mechanical transport (like a car or a train). While the M7 does its job, users need third-party apps to view the results. Moves is one of those apps, and its set to take the capabilities of the M7 to the limits with the latest update... and your help.

    I've written about Moves a few times. It presents the M7's location data as colored dots for each activity along with a storyline of your movements throughout the day. Previously, Moves was limited to tracking walking, running, cycling and motorized transportation. With the Move 2.5 update, released today, Moves tracks more than 60 activity types using the M7, including rollerblading, skiing, kayaking, gym training, yoga, swimming and more.

    To start with, Moves will not be able to differentiate automatically between what activity you are doing based solely on the M7 data. In the latest version of the app, you'll need to tell it what you're doing. But after Moves collects enough data from users, the company's algorithms will eventually be able to tell you exactly what you're doing, how long you're doing it for and how many calories you are burning automatically without you tapping a setting. The more Moves users that take part, the faster the company can churn out those algorithms.

    Moves is a wonderful app that is set to get even better thanks to the activity of its user base. With the latest update, it's also perhaps the best app in the App Store that takes advantage of the M7.

    Moves is US$2.99.

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