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Pinball Arcade developer looking to create original tables


Multiplatform pinball sim The Pinball Arcade currently features a lineup of over 40 recreated machines from decades past, but developer FarSight Studios could soon tap veteran industry talent for all-new pinball table designs, according to a BBC News report.

"We have talked to some of the famous pinball designers from the past, and they are definitely interested," FarSight's VP of product development Bobby King told BBC News. "Those cost considerations [of the past] are irrelevant when machines are designed only to be built in the virtual world, so imagine what these guys could do if they were given carte blanche."

King additionally discussed the possibility of real-world pinball machines being built from new digital table designs, if they prove successful. Pinball machine manufacturer Stern has an established relationship with developer FarSight, and a handful of its recent tables appear digitally in The Pinball Arcade.

Developer Silverball Studios previously announced that it would work with The Addams Family and Twilight Zone table designer Pat Lawlor to produce a new digital table design, but plans fell through when the team's Pro Pinball project failed to meet its Kickstarter funding goal. FarSight recently extended its license to produce digital tables based on classic Williams and Bally designs, revealing that Black Knight 2000 and Who Dunnit are next in line for conversion.
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