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SMITE unveils your new nemesis, Nemesis


Hi-Rez has introduced a new goddess to the world of SMITE. Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge, is a physical melee warrior who "unleashes her vengeance on all who oppose her." According to the lore, Nemesis is in charge of dishing out punishment to both humans and gods guilty of hubris; her method is summed up nicely by the phrase, "Let the punishment fit the crime."

Nemesis's abilities center on her massive blade. Swift Vengeance allows for a quick dash and slash followed by a second dash and slash, Slice and Dice is an AOE attack that damages and slows targets, Retribution creates a shield around her that absorbs damage, and Divine Judgment reduces the health and movement speed of a target god while stealing some of his or her protections.

Catch Nemesis in action after the break.

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