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Sorcery Saga battles the curry gods in Europe this month on Vita


Japanese developer Zerodiv's hot'n spicy roguelike RPG, Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God, is coming to the PlayStation Vita in Europe this month, following up on its North American debut late last year.

Sorcery Saga is a console-style roguelike in the vein of Chunsoft's Mystery Dungeon series, presenting players with simplified, combat-focused gameplay while retaining the genre's trademark difficulty. Players embark on a quest to find ingredients for a legendary curry dish, encountering all manner of bizarre characters and freakish enemies along the way.

Sorcery Saga will launch digitally via the European PlayStation Network on February 19, and will hit retail shelves on February 21.
[Image: Zerodiv / Rising Star Games]

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